2017 Yarn Club - Surprise 3 Month Membership: May-July - Exclusive New Colorway - Preorder


2017 Yarn Club - Surprise 3 Month Membership: May-July - Exclusive New Colorway - Preorder

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As a member of the 2017 Yarn Club you will receive a skein of hand dyed yarn in an exclusive SURPRISE colorway + an awesome little extra, delivered straight to you at the beginning of the month.

Starting in 2017, we will have two Yarn Club options:
1) you can preorder a SURPRISE club membership the month before it is released as a regular club membership (this option is for people who like a surprise- you will be able to see the colorway inspiration and choose a yarn beforehand, but when the yarn comes the colorway will be a surprise, as in previous years) OR
2) you can purchase a REGULAR club membership for the month we are in (this option is for people who want to know what they are getting- you will see a photo of the club colorway in the available yarns and be able to choose one of those). Please note that the number of regular memberships and the available yarn options will be limited.

This listing is for a SURPRISE 3 month membership for May-July 2017. Regular memberships will be available by the middle of each month (once all Surprise members have received their yarn).

The Colorway:

  • Each month I will pick an image that truly inspires me and hand-dye or hand-paint the yarn base of your choosing. These exclusive colorways will not be offered to the public for at least 6 months.  Expect to see new techniques, new dye colors, and a wide range of inspiration!
  • Inspiration images will be added to the membership listing, shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and posted in our Ravelry group a minimum of one week before the club closes for the month (so early in the previous month).
  • Examples of 2016 inspiration photos and colorways are shown in the second photo, and you can see almost all of our Yarn Club colorways from the last few years here.

The Yarn:

  • There are currently 4 regular Yarn Bases to choose from. You can find more info on each on our Yarns page.
  • A 5th option is our popular Surprise yarn. For 2017 we're improved this and it's now the "Surprise Deluxe Yarn" option. If you choose to upgrade to this option than you'll receive a special, more luxurious, yarn that is not part of our regular collection. This yarn could be any weight, but most luxury yarns are available in Lace-DK weights. Fibers may include Superfine Merino and/or blends of Cashmere, Silk, Yak etc.
  • If you're purchasing a membership for multiple months than feel free to change which base you'd like down the road- just let us know before the club preorder closes for the month. If there's an additional charge I can invoice you.

The Perks:

  • Beginning in 2017 each month's club yarn will come with a fun little extra (this could be anything from a lotion bar to a small knitting tool, a mini notebook to hand-blended tea). We do try to support other artisans and local businesses as often as possible.
  • Members receive 15% off in-stock yarn in the Etsy shop, for the entire duration of their membership (from purchase date to the end of the membership month). You will receive a coupon code with your first shipment (or you can message us if you'd like it before that). Please save the coupon code as we only send it the first month.
  • Members also receive 10% off the purchase of their next Yarn Club membership, of any duration.
  • The more months you purchase the more you save (additional months are each $2 off).
  • If you'd like more than one skein per month than additional skeins are discounted $2 each. Just purchase multiple memberships and I'll refund the difference.

Club Details:

  • Surprise club yarns ship at the beginning the month you sign up for. You will receive an email with a tracking number each month when your shipment goes out.
  • Preorders for Surprise clubs close on the 15th of the previous month (so Surprise January memberships will close December 15th etc).
  • We'd love to see you in our Ravelry group! We'll be setting up a new thread for the Yarn Club soon, with extra stuff for members (like giveaways for projects made with club yarn, knit/crochet-a-longs, and more).

Purchase Info:

  • If you purchase yarn at the same time as your membership we will NOT ship it until your membership goes out (because you received a multiple skein shipping discount). So, if you want your other yarn to ship now you will need to purchase it separately.
  • We're happy to send Yarn Club memberships as gifts. Just leave us a note with your recipients name/address/email address at checkout.
  • IMPORTANT: Aside from the member discount mentioned above, no discount codes or credits may be used toward membership purchases (unless otherwise stated). If you are purchasing regular listings as well, and want to use a discount code, please do so separately. If you use an invalid discount you'll be invoiced for discount amount. Thanks for understanding.
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