Colorway Types

Our colorways are usually hand-painted (low-immersion dyed in large pans with small amounts of hot water) and sometimes kettle-dyed (in large pots of heated water). They can be grouped into three categories: semisolid colorways, tonal colorways, and variegated colorways. All skeins are 1 3/4-2 yards in circumference.

  1. Our semisolid colorways are all one color, with only slight variation when knit up. They are not solid colors, but are close to it.
  2. Our tonal colorways have shades of one color of multiple colors in the same color family. They have short color repeats that will knit up in subtly random patterns. Skeins are dyed using glazing techniques (overdyed multiple times to achieve great depth of color) and/or hand-painted.
  3. Our variegated colorways are either kettle-dyed or hand-painted and have multiple colors.
  • Our kettle-dyed variegated colorways have long color repeats that will have an obvious multicolored pattern when knit up. Skeins are dyed in separate sections that range from 4 to 12 inches long. Those colorways with fewer colors will have longer sections and may knit into stripes with the right pattern, but are not designed to be self-striping.
  • Our hand-painted variegated colorways have short color repeats with a more subtle variegated pattern. Colors blend into each other more than with our kettle-dyed colorways, and because the dye is applied more randomly, there can be quit a bit more variation between skeins in the same or different dyelots.


All skeins are dyed in batches of 3-5 skeins (hand-painted skeins usually have 3 skeins per dyelot, kettle dyed are usually 5).

Please remember that each skein is dyed by hand, so there can be some variation both between and within dyelots (especially with hand-painted colorways, as mentioned above). As always, it's important to order enough yarn for your project at once, and to alternate skeins when knitting in order to minimize any variation between skeins.

yarn care

Most of our yarns are superwash (meaning they can be washed without felting) unless otherwise noted. While you can machine was superwash yarns, we highly recommend hand-washing to ensure that your knits last a long time. To hand wash: soak in cool water with a good lanolin-based wool wash, squeeze or spin out most of the water (salad spinners work well for this), and lay flat to dry on a towel. We DO NOT recommend machine drying yarn, as even the superwash ones will felt some in a dryer.

Materials and Environmental Impact

We use professional-grade, wash-fast and light-fast acid dyes, along with Organic food-grade citric acid (the yarn will not smell like vinegar), to dye our yarns. We have developed specific formulas that leave minimal amounts of dye behind afterward, so the dyes we use are safe for us, you, and the environment. We also employ low-water-usage dye techniques, regularly reuse water in order to minimize the water used in the dyeing process, and drip dry the yarns (outside in warm weather and inside in cool weather). After being dyed the skeins are soaked in cool water with a lanolin-based lavender-oil wool wash (the dried yarn smells like wool, it is not perfumed or strongly scented). In addition, all of our shipping materials are recyclable.